The Milestone


Hey, bloggosphereans!

I’ve been junk-food free for five weeks now (yay!) and I’ve only had a few small hiccups along the way. 

My weight loss is becoming noticeable, now — I’ve dropped a whole size and think I’m close to dropping another. I’ve been feeling so good about myself that I’ve gone and bought lots of new clothes and shoes (with all that cash I’ve saved from not buying junk!). 

I’m waking up clearer and more easily than before. I’m feeling the cravings less and less and have found tea to be a great distraction (my fave is chai with a tiny bit of honey). The only issue I’m having lately is energy levels. I’ve cut out the junk, but haven’t increased the good stuff which keeps me powered up throughout the day. So, that’s my next challenge: stock the fridge full of yummy veggies and meat then actually COOK. 

I’m thinking salads are gonna be a go. They are so versatile and can be warm and filling or nice and light. 

Love and hugs,