The Distractions

(Oh, hello, beautiful.)

Afternoon, bloggosphereans!

I’m feeling pretty under the weather, today: a mix of hormones, fatigue and my body adjusting to this new way of eating. This means I am having a hard time not reaching for the comfort food.

So, as mentioned yesterday, I’ve created a list of distractions I find useful when the cravings hit. I’ll probably come back and add to this list as I discover new diversions.


  • Studying (I know. I’m a nerd.)
  • Reading (This one depends on what I’m reading, as some books make me hungry… no idea why!)
  • Watching a really good movie or TV show FAR AWAY from the food zone (I’m too lazy to get up once I’m comfy and engrossed.)
  • Walking around in nature (Not too near shops which sell food.)
  • Learning something (This is different to studying because it’s not uni-related.)
  • Adult colouring books (They’re awesome! And so soothing.)
  • Writing/Blogging (Hence, why I created this site.)
  • Observing the night sky (Especially if I can recognise constellations, etc.)
  • Observing the day sky (Finding shapes in the clouds, considering how odd weather events occur, etc.)
  • Facebook (Gotta be careful with this one ’cause I can easily fall into a Facebook hole.)
  • Wikipedia (Same caution as Facebook — Seriously, don’t look at the page ‘Lists’ unless you have about three years to spare.)
  • Cuddling Zuli (My dog is the most adorable creature to ever walk the planet.)
  • Making tea (Something about the act of making tea is very soothing and pleasing.)
  • Using the Crave Master app (I need to do this one more to get into a good habit.)
  • Learning another language (This one is a double-edged sword because, after a while, your brain gets tired and wants food to keep going.)
  • Browsing bookshops and libraries (because you can’t take food in there!)
  • Reorganising the house/tidying/cleaning/unpacking boxes (1. You get so caught up in the organising that you forget about food; and 2. Once you’ve remembered food, your recent encounter with gross things that needed cleaning puts you off eating.)

That’s all for now!

Love and hugs,



The Hormones!

(If you look closely, you can see me in the distance striking down someone’s house)

Hey, bloggosphereans!

I woke up last night to the good fortune of excruciating cramps: my period’s pleasant way of announcing itself.

Dealing with that for a week won’t be fun, but even worse are the hormonal cravings that come with my period (comfort food, unite!). At random moments, I will find myself teary and in a heap because there’s no chocolate and I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW. Or, there are no cruskits and I NEED CRUSKITS NOW. 

So, the difficulty is going to be not having one of these moments as I’m in a shop, perfectly in reach of one of these delectable delights. 

To add to the stress, my final assignments and tests are dotted across the calendar for the next two weeks. So, mental stress + period hormones = major binge on the horizon.

I must stay strong!

I think, to help myself during these especially tricky moments, I’ll make a post with a list of distractions (because no amount of inspiration will out-shine this atomic combination). 

Love and hugs,


The First Big Craving

Good afternoon, bloggosphereans!

Last night, I experienced my first big craving: chocolate. And I needed it NOW. This craving consumed me for a good hour at least as I struggled to stay out of the kitchen and away from the shops. 

Sweet box of chocolates on wood table
(No, I’m not looking at the chocolate… I’m looking at this nice wood grain, here… See?)

Fortunately, there is no actual chocolate in the house. I have a little tin of stevia hot chocolate which, as you probably guessed, is made using stevia in place of sugar. So, it’s not that bad. But, I wanted to conquer this craving without any substitutes (it was also 11 o clock at night and I had a big test in the morning, so I didn’t want to drink or eat anything that would keep me awake). 

I managed to find a couple ways to distract myself from the actual act of eating or drinking: 1. Complain relentlessly about how bad my craving is; 2. Read ALL THE THINGS. A combination of both worked fairly well. I got myself stuck in a Facebook hole and settled in there hoping the cravings would pass — which, mercifully, they did.

My next issue was an impending migraine. 

I’m not sure if that was related to stress or some kind of sugar withdrawal, but it’s been about thirteen hours (and a couple migraine tablets later) and the headache is still here. So, I’ll keep you posted as the situation changes — which it hopefully will soon.

Anywho, regarding the proper meals, I kept to that yesterday and made scrambled eggs for lunch and a vegetable and beef stir fry for dinner (the left-overs of which I’m eating right now for lunch). So, all is good on that front.

I also snuck a packet of popcorn into the shopping trolley yesterday — my logic is that it’s a better swap for chips. I am not totally convinced of this, though. So, I don’t see it happening too often in the future (though the sweet and salty popcorn tastes AMAZING).

Love and hugs,


The Quest for a Healthy Dinner

Hello, bloggosphereans!

Last night, I was so exhausted from lack of sleep the night before that I crashed very early – 6 o clock! As such, I missed out on dinner (I also didn’t make time for an actual lunch either). I then somehow managed to sleep all the way until noon, today. I think missing those important meals, yesterday, meant I was without the energy to get up at a good hour this morning.

(To be fair, this is me most mornings)

Note to self: Make time for your main meals so they can be healthy and you can get up on time!

As I write this, I’m eating (drinking?) a Cuppa Soup. So, I might have some ways to go before I avidly put this advice into action.

However, be proud, bloggosphereans, I didn’t opt for the coffee straight off the bat! Small steps.

Love and hugs,


The Long Walk Home

(Why are there leaves in my tea?)

Hey, bloggosphereans!

Today, I was out and about in the city. As I was without a car, I was bussing it everywhere. For my bit of daily exercise, I decided to go on foot wherever possible and wow did that add up! If you remember, I was going interview outfit shopping (it went well, by the way, thank you. If you need plus-sized office wear, Target is your go. They have a surprisingly wide range and aren’t too pricey). I was also blogging while out. So, by the afternoon, I was lugging a heavy laptop bag, an entire outfit (including the shoes!) worth of clothing, and some weighty grocery shopping. There were many upsides of my going on foot down roads-less-traveled, one such being the wonderful happening-upon of the T2 store. Free tea tasting? Lead the way!

A few hours later, shoulders seizing, neck crying and feet throbbing, I then had the brilliant idea of walking the two-kilometre distance home from the bus interchange. Did I mention there were storm clouds? Yes, it did rain. 

So, here I am a bit of a drowned rat, but feeling that lethargic high of endorphins beginning to kick in. 

Perhaps, tomorrow, I’ll wear some better shoes and take an umbrella.

Love and hugs,


The First Test

(I just love this picture. I mean, how hard did someone have to throw those capsicums just to get this shot?)

Hi, bloggosphereans!

So, today is the first real test of my resolve. It’s easy enough to aim high when it’s the middle of the night and nothing is calling you out of your warm cosy bed. But it’s morning, now, and I have to face the reality of my decision in the cold hard light of day.

Well, the first step has been achieved already: I am out of bed and on my way to an appointment! I was also sure to have a quick breakfast of oats (not the healthiest kind, mind you, but it’s certainly better than no breakfast at all).

I will have half an hour to spare before my appointment where I will be at the mercy of the nearby cafes. Pray I don’t succumb to anything unsightly sweets or salty sensations there!

Yet, the hardest part of today won’t be the cravings, but the clothes. I have the unenviable task, for someone with my current body type, of going shopping for an interview outfit.

Let us try and turn this into a positive, shall we? It will be one more experience to remind me of why giving junk food the flick is so important.

Until next time,

Love and hugs,


The Beginning

tea on book

Hello, fellow bloggosphereans!

Come, settle in for a warm cuppa tea and a chat with me.

From today, I’m starting a new venture to crack my junk food cravings and live a healthy life again.

I once was a determined, committed, reliable and strong-willed person. Now, unfortunately, due to the evils of depression, I’ve awoken to discover in myself the less-coveted qualities of anxiety, impulsiveness, reclusion and a supreme lack of motivation.

Well, no more!

I have downloaded no less than four food cravings apps, successfully rid the house of any remaining junk food (the question of the method of disposal is keenly side-stepped), and created this blog to help keep me on track.

I’m particularly interested in the free for iOS app CraveMaster. It uses a grounding technique to help reduce cravings and the impulsive reactions to them. I’ve only just downloaded it, so it’ll take some time to see how well it works (the app specifically warns that progress will be gradual), but the first go immediately reduced my cravings, if ever so slightly. So, I’m hopeful. It also seems to be based on actual scientific research, so that’s certainly a plus. I’ll let you know how it works out.

I do hope you’ll keep me company as I make my way through the ups and inevitable downs of cracking the cravings.

And, if you do join me for a cuppa tea or a coffee each day, please expect plenty of painful pun-filled pics and taglines.

Love and hugs,


On the right track
Oh, look! It’s the Road to Success! (sorrynotsorry) Guess we’re on the Right Track, then (stillsorrynotsorry).